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Seaweed Farming: An economic and sustainable opportunity for EU

This article will explore the benefits offered through the practice of seaweed farming, or the cultivation and harvesting of seaweed. As it turns out, seaweed agriculture represents countless opportunities for creating a sustainable environment, as the process itself comes off as beneficial both for the economy as well as for the ocean. Growing seaweed would be a revolutionizing choice bringing significant contributions to the global food supply, would generate revenue, as well as increase the overall quality of the environment. It wouldn't only be extremely beneficial for our overpopulated planet, but for the sea world too. In the long list of benefits, we will analyze the effect seaweed farming has on marine micro-systems and how it would also help the EU reach one of its most important goals. We will also review all the nutritious properties and possible usages of seaweed, the industry's details, and possible future expansions.

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