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Innovative Gardening Tools for a Smart Garden

As we all know, gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants where it may be very specialized, with only one type of plant grown, or involve a variety of plants in mixed plantings.

Gardening is about fulfilling your passion, so we recommend you to select all the plants that you love. It is a is a dynamic activity which offers the opportunity to engage all the senses, helps to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety & depression, brings a sense of purpose and achievement, and can also help you to stay in shape. This hobby is very refreshing and provides greater peace of mind. For these reasons we call it a therapeutic activity.

However, despite its benefits, it also requires a lot of effort. It might get tedious for you to manage a large garden. So in addition to passion and love, what else do you need to make your plants thrive?

It is not only about finding the right combination of sunlight, fertile soil, and water; you also need appropriate tools which have the power to help you make the process more fun, fulfilling and flexible. In this article you will be able to find eight essential & innovative garden tools and what they're used for. Therefore stay tuned and take notes as we help you to familiarize with some of the most leading-edge tools so you can learn more on how to grow a beautiful garden and to also experience the joy gardening can bring.

Gardening - a wonderful hobby!

“Smart” Garden Monitor

Automatic garden monitoring and controlling is a way where all the parameters are automatically monitored without any human support. They use a microcontroller which controls and monitors temperature, humidity and soil moisture through sensors and activates cooling fans, bulb, and motor to pump water respectively, in case of requirement. Information is sent to the gardener, in case of any abnormal situation through an android app and the solution will then be provided accordingly. This system targets a smart way of monitoring the plant growth using automation and an Android app to monitor it. With the advancement of technology, plants are hence better monitored, nourished and grown healthily.

Garden monitoring is a way for you to become more connected to your garden. This powerful sensor brings to light all sorts of data about your specific garden. Not only does it give you detailed insights to soil nutrition, temperature, watering needs, daily sun intake and more, it even goes so far as to compare your conditions against regional data, helping you decide the best plants for your garden. It’s your guide to what is happening in your garden at this very moment.

Bulb Planters

Bulb Planter is such an excellent gardening tool that helps you grow new plants effectively. It allows you to dig suitable holes for your plants in the garden and since it comes with a wide range of plants and soil suitability, it enables us to use this tool in different areas!

Bulb planters in the garden are tools which can make the task easier and faster. The general rule of thumb for planting depth is 2 to 2 ½ times as deep as the diameter of the bulb. These are the optimal depths for the bulb and will result in happier plants that don’t fall over and can get through soil easily. Using bulb planters not only facilitates the task but most have measurements on them to help you gauge how deep the bulb needs to be installed. Instructions on how to use a bulb planter will vary dependent upon the type of unit you purchase. Some are manual and a few can attach to a standard electric or battery powered drill.

They are widely available online or at nursery centers. Due to the large variety of bulb planters available in the market, it's best that you do your due diligence before you go out shopping for them! Some of the factors you should consider while buying a Bulb Planter for your garden are:

  1. Material - The bulb planter should be made of hard and bend-resistant materials like stainless steel as it ensures that the product is built to last and withstand the test of time.

  2. Dimensions - Some bulb planters are limited to use for specific plants. Check the dimension of the bulb planter like diameter, depth, plant suitability of the tool considering your gardening plants and requirements.

  3. Warranty - Many bulb planters come with a lifetime warranty. This allows you to get the replacement for your buck in case things go south for the product you bought.

  4. Soil suitability - Check the bulb planter’s working ability in different types of soil. Some planter tools are only designed to effectively work in specific kinds of soil, while others work in all types of soil like clayey, sandy, wet, hard, and many more.

The Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope

The mobile phone microscope can be clipped onto any smartphone or mobile phone that is equipped with a camera. Images can be taken with your camera and stored in your smartphone's photo library. Great for record keeping and photo sharing. Photos of the culprit can be snapped, then uploaded to google images to search for a match. Identification has never been easier.

It is used for viewing very small objects and areas. It is especially recommended for plant health examinations such as pest and disease assessments. The microscope can also be unscrewed from the focusing barrel and lens so that the microscope can be used independently of a mobile phone if necessary. Its main features are:

  • Bright LED light which provides perfect light in any conditions

  • Ideal magnification for pest and disease detection

  • It also includes 60x microscope, UV and LED light and three LR1130 batteries

Push Lawn Sweeper

A good push lawn sweeper will help you gather and clean up all the leaves, grass cuttings, and acorns on your lawn in short order. You can operate it manually as it tends to be less expensive as well as easier to store than other lawn sweepers. Also, the push lawn sweeper is a great tool to add to your garage. It is designed to more or less replace your rake. This means that you can finally free yourself of the physical work of bending down and picking up debris from your lawn. This lawn care tool operates by means of a rotating sweeping brush (similar to the brush that you might find on the bottom of your vacuum cleaner). This brush gathers together all the debris on your lawn and sweeps it into a hopper bag, which is attached to the tool. Then you can simply empty the bag when it fills up. The debris can be put into a lawn bag or even a compost pile. A push lawn sweeper tends to be a great investment for homeowners with large yards and/or those who dislike or have trouble performing lawn clean-up tasks. A good one will save you a lot of time that you otherwise would have spent on your garden. It will also dramatically decrease the strain on your body. One of the limitations of a sweeper is the fact that it cannot pick up larger sticks and branches. But it is worth noting that this tool is great at picking up leaves, nuts, and even crabapples, even though it won’t work for big sticks and branches.

Push lawn sweepers can be found at local hardware stores, big box stores like The Home Depot, and online retailers like Amazon; as well as on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace where you can buy used ones. You can also find them available to rent which can be a good way to try one out before you buy one. Therefore you will be able to make sure that it suits your needs.

Vertical Garden Tower

The Garden Towers are a composter that grows multiple plants. Using them you are able to turn waste kitchen scraps into organic fertilizers to grow organic produce. This tool replicates a natural ecosystem allowing plants to access nutrients recycled through organic composting processes. Therefore you can easily grow nearly any vegetables, herbs or flowers organically.

Vertical Garden Towers are a gardener’s dream. They are typically fairly lightweight, easy to move from place to place, can fit anywhere from a corner of a tiny apartment balcony to sitting in front of a sunny kitchen window. Most of them can hold several different kinds of plants, and you can even get them with watering systems to make your life even easier. There are many reasons for practicing vertical gardening towers including both ecological and economical benefits. For plant lovers and gardeners, it is fun to practice vertical gardening within limited spaces. While for health-conscious consumers, vertical gardening, an organic growing system, provides fresher and cleaner vegetables and fruits with little or minimum usage of chemicals.

Plant Nanny

With the Plant Nanny gardening tool you can water your plants easily while recycling wine bottles at the same time. Using this tool it's a great way to water plants day-to-day, and the perfect solution to keep plants watered while on vacation. Their terracotta stake slowly releases water from the reservoir deep into the soil and directly to the root system. Plants grow healthier by getting consistent moisture where it’s most needed. All you have to do is to pre-moisten the soil and gently insert the terracotta stake near the center of the plant. The carefully-designed shape of the stake allows it to be inserted into the soil without damaging the plant’s root system. You can fill a wine bottle with water and set it neck-first into the stake and the watering process will begin. Then you will be able to know at a glance when to refill the wine bottle by observing the amount of water remaining in the glass bottle reservoir.

Bionic Gardening Gloves

The Bionic gardening gloves are the best choice for a gardener who may be looking for one glove that can do almost everything. They have some unique features that make them a good choice not only for the typical gardener, but also for those of you with arthritic fingers. Their patented pads help even the surface of your hand for a more comfortable and secure grip while their silicone finger tips provide increased durability in areas prone to wear and tear. Terrycloth micro-pads on the inside of the glove keep your hands cool and dry. Its lycra motion and web zones provide better comfort, fit and flexibility. Also their form-fitting wrist closure provides support and keeps out debris and dirt. Bionic Gloves are hand and machine washable (mild detergent, cold water, gentle cycle, no bleach, air dry).

Ring Weeder

When taking a hands-on approach to weeding, the challenge is to make sure that the pesky invader is pulled all the way out, root intact. If it's not a clean extraction, there's a very good chance that the weed will just grow back and you'll have to try again. Ring Weeder is worn like a ring over the gardening glove, and has a forked end that the gardener sticks in the ground behind the weed. The offending plant and root are then removed with a smooth dig and lift motion. It's a simple tool, but one that could prove to be a time saver for anyone who does a lot of gardening. It makes it so easy to weed with your hand. Just slip it on over your glove and weed away - it gets the whole root, it fits in tight spaces, and also it easily fits in your pocket when you're not using it.

To Sum It Up

As mentioned before, the impulse to garden is actually a great idea because gardening is one of the healthiest hobbies you can develop. It invites you to get outside, interact with other gardeners, and take charge of your own need for exercise, healthy food, and beautiful surroundings. Every day brings more possibilities to the world of gardening by creating innovative gardening tools for a smart garden which will help you improve your mood and increase your self-esteem.

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