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4 Secrets Behind Easy And Profitable Farming

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Lately, the number of farms has been decreasing fast. The reasons behind this revolve around the fact that the land is quite expensive and very hard to find. The quality of soil, which is a main component for good yields, is not at its peak. Another factor that holds new farmers back from starting up farms and using them as a source of income is the global warming. Rains, storms, floods or drought, are not your friends when it comes to farming and they have been increasing rapidly.

Because of these reasons many people don’t consider farming as something they could do for a living anymore. Nevertheless, if you’ve always been dreaming of having your own little farm one day and you're looking for some secrets to get the most profit from it, you are in the right space!

1. Start small

Small farm

Don’t go all in investing for a big farm if you are just getting started. It might be tempting to quit your job and leave everything and focus on the farm! But, unless you have great accumulated wealth, you probably should play it safe and keep going to work while you get your small farm going.

As a first step, we suggest starting a market garden on your existing garden, and selling the fruits and veggies before planting acres. Once you start seeing progress and profit, you can grow more. Start harvesting other kinds of crops and expanding the area you are planting. You will have more success if you start with small batches and build until you create something big. Be patient and give it some time!

2. Find steady customers

Food Supply Chain

Customers are vital when it comes to farming and growing a business. If you don’t have customers, how are you going to earn money? There are numerous different ways to find steady customers.

For example, you could sell your products to gourmet restaurants, at a farmers market, to friends and family or you can create or join a CSA.

Try investing some time and a little budget on marketing. Social media is a great place to promote your farming business and products. After all, just be friendly and active talking to everyone around about your farm.

3. Grow organic

Grow Organic Food

If you do a little bit of research, you can discover a lot of information regarding the long-term consequences that chemical farming brings. Both for the customer and the farmer! It’s not only safer, but it’s also easier to grow crops organically. There is a wide range of harmful substances reportedly used in various phases of agriculture. The impact these chemical combinations have is hazardous. They affect the living entities found in soil, and also harm the people that consume the products that derive. Replacing the synthesized agricultural inputs with organic ones is a huge step towards the right direction!

4. Go for the most profitable crops



It is one of the easiest and most profitable crops to grow. Especially, gourmet garlic. If you plant fifty pounds of garlic bulbs, you will be able to harvest approximately four hundred to five hundred pounds. Needless to say, the profit will be considerable!



Many farmers lately have faced a great demand for bamboo and it’s getting hard to keep up with it. Bamboo is a versatile plant that can be used for hedges, screens or as stand-alone plants. Unlike what many people assume, bamboo is not a tropical plant. It can handle even sub-zero winters. Growing it can give you thousands of dollars’ worth of profit.



This plant's worth can all be found at its slow growing roots. According to Asian culture, ginseng is a healing herb and costumers always have demand for it! The only drawback of planting ginseng in your farm is that it requires a six year wait to harvest the mature roots. However, many farmers also sell young “rootlets” and seeds while waiting for the main product of ginseng.



They are very easy to grow even if you don’t have much space in your farm. So, they bring great profit in comparison to the space and effort that they require. Oyster and shiitake mushrooms are two types of exotic mushrooms that can grow indoors even without soil! The down side of mushrooms is that they aren’t easy to export, so you should aim the local customers as a target if you decide to grow them.

These are some of the many profitable crops you can grow on your farm. With the right care and equipment, any plant or crop can grow into a sizable income for you and satisfy the demands of customers in the long-term.

In conclusion

Farming is not as easy as it might seem like, and you should always think one step ahead. To be successful and to make profit, patience and effort is a must! However, farming is considered as one of the most rewarding ventures lately, so the end results would likely be very satisfactory for you. So, make sure to do your research properly, create a good plan with strategies, and constantly adapt to changes!

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