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About Us

Hi there, agriculture enthusiast!

The Agriculturist is a digital space that encourages everyone to adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle without breaking the bank or consuming too much time. We provide horticulture and gardening enthusiasts with valuable know-how, secret farming and gardeing tips and tricks, an exchange of experience, and best practices.


The Agriculturist is a one-stop-shop for any person who's interested in agriculture and horticulture - from the professional farmer and urban agriculture activist, to the all-knowing and passionate homesteader. The Agriculturist serves as a guide to agriculture, farming, horticulture, and gardening.


Our main goal is to revolutionize the art and science of cultivating the ground, including the harvesting of crops, and the rearing and management of livestock, tillage, husbandry, farming, etc. 

And for the Pros, we have curated the best information on agriculture 

  • Better for Farmers, Better for the Industry

The oldest industry in the world, yet with the newest technology available, the agricultural industry is here to stay, and modern farmers are living proof. 

  • Latest News in Agriculture

Your daily dose of Agriculture-related news, trends, innovative breakthroughs, cutting-edge technologies, and future forecasts.

  • Data-Powered Agriculture

All the research you will ever need to make educated decisions about your farming needs and potential investments. Based on the most reliable sources in the agricultural industry. 

  • Next Generation Agricutlture 

Modern farming, along with E-Agriculture will facilitate  the adoption and use of ICTs and digital innovations in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, natural resource management and rural development.

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